Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas cards

i've tried to get ahead of the game for some things this year, as we are often in such a hustle & bustle time around here this time of the year (holidays, birthdays, etc.)  we had the tree up before thanksgiving - something i thought i'd never do.  oh, never say never.  & oh, it was so nice to come home saturday night after thanksgiving & plug in those lights to our decorated tree.

tonight, the kiddos dressed up & gave me their best poses for our christmas cards.  these 2 are hams, it was fun & i think we got one that works.  here's some several of our outtakes:

hello, tall man (her middle finger stuck up).

wishing you peace this christmas.

hark, the herald angels scream!

i don't know what to say about this one..

ben is the funniest brother in the world!

rockin around the christmas tree


mr. muscles

this was a contender

big cheese!


you wanna mess with my brother? i don't think so.

she's choking me!

throw your hands up!

throw your hands up!

& the winner for this years card is... 

just beautiful i think!  

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