Sunday, December 7, 2008

birthday party - round 2

yes, my kids are spoiled. i like to think they are very well loved. i do think that they are growing up to be loving & appreciative children though.

today was round 2 of beano's birthday.

here was the cake decorating a few days ago.
we're still working on sharing, aren't we cecee?

& the final result: a motorcycle cake that plays songs, just what he wanted (we had a candle that played music) i found the idea here, her's is much better!
here is the cake beano helped make for his special friend that turned 4. it was covered in sprinkles!!

we sang happy birthday to the kids & they made their wishes

miss mimi looked so pretty in her dress & hat today!!
i didn't get a good action shot of beano in his birthday shirt, but it's a motorcycle shirt i made for him out of an old tie. there's a 3 on the side. i think it's pretty cool.

my, today was fun!!!! i think this might have been the best day of his life. he loved all his friends and family coming over to play and open presents. we even had a pinata! i wish i had founf my camera for that part. the boys whacked it pretty hard & miss a hit it so delicately, just like a lady. aubrie was the one to smack it to smithereens, don't mess with her!!

check out the indoor trampoline beano got for his birthday. i was hoping this might wear him out, but he was up till 10pm tonight! i think this will be a lot of fun! i just wish it had a higher weight limit for big mama (as beano calls me).

this evening, he sat his new desk from neighbor j & starting writing cards of thanks. isn't that awesome?

thank you to all our family & friends that made today (& everyday)so special. we missed those of you that couldn't be here, but we were thinking of you! we are so lucky to have you in our lives.


Deb said...

Looks like an awesome party!! Love that trampoline!

Three plus Me said...

Glad to help with the cake! Looks like y'all had a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

The shirt for Ben is GREAT!