Friday, June 1, 2012

t-ball time!

oh, this poor blog... momma has not been keepin up with the family fun!

t-ball has commenced with both kiddos playing for the leprechaun team (the kids got to pick out the name).

ben this year is quite focused on all he does, taking everything so serious & trying his best.
miss gracie is enjoying herself to say the least.

one sunday evening we decided to practice.

as you can tell, mr. b is all business.

miss g thang said she was taking all her anger out on the ball.  i never knew she was so mad- or so something!

she got a bit tired of all that ball stuff & decided to just be cute instead.  pretty good at that!
 i just love the happiness shining in her eyes!

& here are some shots from one of their games.  again, you can see who is into the game & who is out there being her spunky self!!

 she really looks like she's focused here!  go grace!!

love these kiddos!!

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